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Services in construction

Building from the ground and up for sale. A very qualify personal of the constructions agency ”Element Construct” SRL offers licensed software services which concerns the following types of works:
     • Land works
     • Earthworks
     • Strengthening and compacting lands
     • Construction execution
     • Foundations
     • Construction of building
     • Buildings and structures in prefabricated concrete elements.
     • Buildings and structures in reinforced concrete and prefabricated-monolith
     • Metal land-bearing construction goals
     • Galleries and metal-ramps
     • Strengthening the construction load-bearing
     • Works of construction and machinery protection
     • Roofing and roof framing, insulation, insect repellent
     • Thermal insulations
     • Steel heart
     • Finishing construction works
     • Plaster, plywood outer and inner
     • Flooring
     • Wooden deal boards
     • Profiles and decorative ornaments
     • Installations and inner networks
     • Network and power supply
     • Landscaping works.